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New Cock Worshipper Forums

I just setup a forums section at forums.cockworshipper.com I got frustrated that there’s no more craigslist personals. We need a way to find cocks to worship, and worshippers for our cocks. Hopefully the forums will provide such a place. This is a work in progress and it may...
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New IRC Chat Server

I have just set up an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server at irc.cockworshipper.com I’ve never set up an IRC server before so it probably will have a bunch of problems. But you should be able to chat with each other. To learn about what IRC is checkout https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat...
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Hello fellow cock worshippers. There has been a fair amount of questions asking about how to help support me in my video making, so I decided to create this page. For almost a year now this site has been up with my videos. I have not in any...
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