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Greenwater, Pre-sabbatical

Sunday August 1st, 2021
Greenwater Washington
Forest Road 70 free DNR campgrounds

After a long day of working I decided that I would go camping to test whether I have everything I need ready for my trip.

Greenwater is about 1.5hrs from my place so I had to race the sun. I arrived at 7:30pm and by 7:50 I had completely set up camp. tent, air mattress, sleeping bag. Plus set up my computer on a makeshift table using a fold up stool that I mainly use for playing my guitar and a small fold up chair. It works brilliantly!

After I set up camp I promptly took a dick pic 🙂 I think I’m going to make this a tradition. If it’s sufficiently secluded I’ll take a full naked body pic. This place is right off the main road so I didn’t feel comfortable getting fully naked.

Even though I am a very pervy person, I will not impose my perversions on the unsuspecting. Besides If I was camping with my kids and some guy was running around naked taking pictures of himself I’d probably have to kick his ass.

Monday morning.

I woke up with a nice hardon 🙂

It was a bit cold last night, I think I may have made a mistake by by buying the cheapest sleeping bag that I could find on Amazon. I did sleep completely naked so tonight I’ll try wearing pajamas tonight, but naked is always better.

In the daylight it was easier to see there there was no one nearby, so I decided to take some full on nude pics around the campsite.

It is an amazing feeling being completely nude in nature, all by yourself with no one around. Feeling the warm sun on your skin, the earth beneath your feet. I highly recommend this. The only thing that would make it better would be a cock in my mouth 🙂

I had some errands to run. I needed to secure my storage facility so I headed into town. Once my chores were done I went into the heart of Enumclaw, to a Starbuck’s parking lot so I could leach off their wifi. I wanted to see if I could find a cock or two to suck off before I made my way back to camp. Of course there’s no cell service at the campsite:(

After fighting through Starbuck’s firewall restrictions to adult sites. (I had to set up a socks5 proxy through my digitalocean’s server so that I could connect to adam4adam.com, grindr, and sniffies.com) I started to search for cock.

I got a ping through Grindr from a cock that I’ve had the pleasure of pleasing a couple of times. Unfortunately he was too far away, so I made plans to take care of him tomorrow. He told me “I’m a big fan of yours” which gave me the most wonderful feeling. God I love pleasing cock.

I saw on sniffies that there was a beautiful cock not too far from me so I sent him a message “You have a nice looking cock” A few messages later and we arranged to meet up near a popular hiking area in Enumclaw.

When I arrived, he was waiting in a full sized truck with a crew cab. He got into the back seat, and I followed. He took down his pants and presented me with a cute little nub of a cocklette. I was excited and wasted no time. I placed my eager lips over his little uncut nub, enjoying the feeling of the soft flesh inside my mouth. Then slowly his cock began growing.

“You like that cock getting harder in your mouth, suck that big cock” is what I heard him say.

“umm hmm” was my reply as I felt his manhood enlarging into my mouth.

As his cock grew I became hard myself. When his cock was fully erect I shoved it completely down my throat. It grew much larger than I expected and it was pretty much the perfect size for me. It was so perfect that I could barely breath while feeling it’s head protrude deep into my throat. As I was going deep I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me harder into the base of his cock. He held my head down all the way then started thrusting into the back of my skull. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes he told me he was about to cum. I got really excited. I decided that I wanted to feel his cum squirt straight into my stomach so I shoved my head onto his beautiful cock as far as it would go. I felt him twitch and turn then boom, his cum exploded into the back of my throat. I swallowed, then swallowed again, still the flood kept cumming, I swallowed a 3rd time and I had to come up for air. He wasn’t done yet, his cock exploded a 4th then a 5th time, it was all I could do to keep it all in my mouth. I savored every last drop, swallowed it all. I kept my mouth on his cock and gently milked every last drop or precious semen from his amazing balls.

I wish every cock that I suck could bring me as much cum as his did. I can still taste is intoxicating load in the back of my throat.

Hopefully tomorrow’s cock will be just as good. If not it doesn’t matter. I love all cock no matter what.

–Cock Bless

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