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Help me to decide what to make next – Poll

Hello fellow worshippers.

I would like to know what you would like to see next in my new videos.

Please help me by voting, thank you.

What kinds of videos would you like me to make?
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Help me to decide what kinds of videos to make for you. Thank you and Cock bless.

6 thoughts on “Help me to decide what to make next – Poll

  1. Ace Kougar says:

    pussyboy HYPNO. Anything to be a good pussyboy for GOD COCK.

  2. John says:

    Men and women in cock worshipping rituals together.

  3. CD maidservant says:

    A vid of the maidservant being gangbanged would be nice

    1. joch says:

      Public feeling of male genitals leading to oral cock worshipping.

  4. walk says:

    a special video where to adore beautiful and circumcised young cocks
    a serious hypnosis that inculcates the worship of cock without resentment
    cock worship to suck it
    fucking worship to take it in the ass
    a video that as soon as you start watching it makes your cock hard and shortly after you are watching it it makes you cum alone

  5. Michael says:

    Video on how to destroy your fear of sucking and suck and swallow without hesitation.

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