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I am going on sabbatical (sort of)

I am going on sabbatical (sort of)

Monday, August 2nd 2021

2020 was a very hard year for me (I realize that it was a hard year for everyone). In January I simultaneously quit my job, got a divorce and moved into a storage unit for 4 months.

Eventually Covid hit, I got another job, an apartment, quit that job then went back to the 1st job that I quit. Then my landlady passed away and now I need to move by the end of September. No big deal, I’ve got plenty of friends and family who could take me in, or I could just get another apartment but…

Fuck it, I’m going on a sabbatical. The only thing tying me to any geographical location is all the junk I’ve collected over the years and a lack of money.

Money can be earned and my stuff can be sorted, sold and donated with the remainder placed into storage to await my return

Not to mention, all my kids are grown, independent and I am no longer responsible for anyone else but me. My ex and I are on excellent terms and we require nothing from each other.

So, the adventure begins!

I plan to begin my trip around the 1st of September. I may have to delay it a bit if I don’t feel that I have enough cash on hand. As I have been making preparations (auto maintenance, storage rentals, camping equipment, etc) I’ve noticed balance my bank account dwindling a bit more than I feel comfortable with.

I don’t really have a destination in mind, but there are a few places that I wouldn’t mind stopping by for various reasons. Like, Missoula MT, Ft Worth, TX, Phoenix AZ, New Hampshire, and maybe Los Angeles.

I plan on camping as much as the weather allows, sleeping in my car if I have to and occasionally getting a room.

Food isn’t an issue. I know how to cook and I can survive rather comfortably on the modest of budgets.

My goal is to suck tons of cock and swallow buckets of cum along the way. I may bottom or top on occasion but my primary motivator is my unquenchable thirst for cum 🙂 Then share with all of you my stories of cocks and cum here on the forums.

How will I earn money along the way? Unfortunately I don’t have a great answer. I could settle down in a place for a bit and get a regular job. Which is exactly what I want to avoid. I could troll craiglist gigs and similar sites for odd jobs.

I have all the technical knowledge and expertise (though a bit lacking in the marketing area) to be able to set up an e-commerce business, blog / vlog / podcast. This is something that I’m seriously considering.

I could even do freelance programming but I don’t really have my heart in that.

Making cockworship videos is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a shit ton of consecutive time and an artist type mind that frankly I’m not great at. But … I do love the process and I will continue to make them. I currently have new one that I’m finishing up right now and will release soon, but because I use copyrighted material in their creation, I cannot sell them legally.

This brings me to the main idea that I have for earning gas money.

I would like to do a value for value exchange between all of you. Yes you. I pledge to maintain cockworshipper.com and forums.cockworshipper.com while providing you with entertaining and sexy content all about my adventures sucking cock and swallowing cum all over America. In return you give send whatever value that feeel that you have received from my exploits.

Value for value means that whatever value the you feel that you’ve received from me, you then return to me that value. It’s completely subjective. If you feel that I’ve provided as much value as a latte then you can send me $3 (or whatever a latte costs nowadays). If you feel that I’ve provided you with more than that then please send more. So far the most I’ve received at one time has been $100 via the Cash App. I am truly grateful for the donation.

Value isn’t only money, in fact it’s a combination of 3 things. The 3 T’s, Time, Talent, Treasure. Let’s break those down.


By taking the time to visit and participate with cockworshipper.com and forums.cockworshipper.com you are helping by motivating me. You are signaling to me that this website is a worthwhile endeavor.


What I mean by talent is that when you to contrubute to the forums like @cocklover999 , @CockWorship58 , @runningpaintrider , @sissytrudy and more have done by providing very amazing and engaging content, it makes it worth visiting this site. I’m just one man, this is a community effort. Go out there, worship cock and spread the message here about your experiences. Proselytize, go forth and become bringers of the message about how the almighty cock can make you happier and fulfilled than any other thing in life. Also by spreading the word, and telling others about this site you will be growing our community. The larger our community the more opportunity there will be for worshiping cock! It’s a win for all of us.


Also another way you can help:
If I’m traveling through your area and our schedules coincide. I’m sure that I could use a shower and a nice warm place to crash. I can’t legally offer anything in return except maybe cook you a nice meal as long as you provide the ingredients.

You are a producer:

Yes, this my site and I have the ultimate say so on what goes on here, but rules are pretty simple and easy to abide by. This is also your site. You have the ability to shape it and make it into the best place on the internet for cock lovers all over the world. In effect you are a a producer, a creator, a bringer of salvation for all of us cock hungry and cum thirsty people.

Why the fuck are we using corporate sites like facebook, reddit, etc. to share our love of cock. Those fuckers don’t give a fuck about you. They just see your identity and your data as dollar signs. I like dollars too but they are not my primary motivator. (cum is)

I don’t give a fuck about your actual identity. I will never sell the data from this site to anyone. I just love cock
and I want to share that love with the world.

This site has no advertising, I don’t track anything. I have no idea how many views the forum gets. I hope it’s a bunch. but that’s not what’s important. What is important is that we all participate, support one another, get together and worship some motherfucking cock and share our journey!

I’m about 6 beers in right about now. I should probably quit.

I hope that I expressed myself in the way I intended. (I may not have explained the value for value thing as good as I would’ve liked) If you have any questions or comments please post them. I look forward to interacting with all of you.

Thank you and may your mouth be full of cock and your belly be full of cum!


Here’s a picture of me as I was writing this.

26 thoughts on “I am going on sabbatical (sort of)

  1. Rose says:

    I wish I was traveling with you sucking COCKS!!

    1. Ron says:

      I love sucking big f at cock

      1. jim says:

        you have a beautiful cock. how does a newbie get cock

      2. Ron says:

        Big fat cock is bliss

        1. Daniel says:

          Omg BBC the best cock ever I’ve been worshiping BBC for 30 years I just love sucking on a BBC I’m a BBC bottom Cock sucking slut for life cock is my god

  2. Dave says:

    Are you the one who did the Church of Cock videos?

    I loved those. Whatever happened to them?

    1. Derekered says:

      Thank you! I am, sadly pornhub took them down. I’m in the process of uploading them all to LBRY https://LBRY.com My channel is https://open.lbry.com/@Derekered:7?r=xSguoEx7qeXd8RCt6KGe1aLjHgP6xdy6
      My goal is to get them all added before the 1st of Sept. In order to view them you need to install the LBRY app and enable Mature Content See https://www.cockworshipper.com/videos/

      1. James says:

        Anybody looking for a bottom in St Petersburg or Tampa Bay area? Just divorced new and looking to expand into what I believe I’ve always known that’s life time fantasy of c o c k 55 year old Caucasian male

  3. Michael says:

    I also desire cock and cum. But I fight fear. I wish I could find a way to let my desire take over my fear. I’d love to suck cock every day. But I’m lucky if I do it 5 or 6 times a year. Not enough.
    I wish I could find a GH in the north SLC area.

    1. JohnGerman says:

      Well, if you want to know how to overcome your fear, send me your cell number and good time to talk and I’ll teach you how to overcome your fear, don’t be shy, John

      1. Michael says:

        Just email me. Cummsumer61@yahoo.com
        I’d appreciate all advice.

        1. maineboy says:

          i think overcoming fear is a process. experience and acceptance helps. i knew i wanted to suck dick way before i ever did. after a breakup with a gf i started looking for opportunities. i backed out on a lot out of fear of having a guys dick in my mouth, but eventually found a situation i followed through on. had a lot of fun mutual encounters with guys my age, but the pivotal moment was when i took a chance meeting up with an older guy. i went to his place and pretty much stripped naked when i walked through the door. he put me on my knees and pulled his dick out in my face. i was on my knees staring at his hard cock an inch from my face. i remember looking up at him with my mouth open and feeling his hand guide the back of my head and my mouth onto his cock. that was the moment i was like this is where i belong, naked, on my knees, sucking dick for men.

          1. triedandtrue says:

            I’m happy for you and glad you finally found your truth. Your cock guides your life. Good luck in all things but keep on your cock sucking path for it is joy and erotic satisfaction that one cannot get any other way. I was in Maine when I was in the Air Force (Loring AFB). In those days we really had to hide but not so much now. Still, we must be careful. Cock joy to you and as D says, cock bless! Your semen is your nectar. Cum IS bliss.

      2. Dave says:

        Same here John. 832-995 1342

        1. Michael says:

          Thanks. That’s the problem there isn’t much time w work and responsibilities at home.
          Thats why you should email me your advice. Plus if emailed I can re read it. That’s the best I can do sorry.

    2. tt says:

      Since I live in the NW and know the campgrounds you visited, I get super turned on thinking about sucking cock. Unfortunately it’s been over 35 yrs since I last sucked a cock. I wish I knew how safely re-engage. In the meantime, I adore your videos.

  4. MaineBoy says:

    I love your I am a Faggot video. If you get to Maine in your travels it would be nice to meet you. or if you want to talk about experiences for your Cocktales thing email me.

    1. Derekered says:

      I doubt I’ll make it that far, but I really would like to. If I do I’ll definitely hit you up.

  5. dave says:

    I too love the “I am a Faggot” video. It is fantastic and makes me hard every time I hear it. Keep up the great work with your videos.

  6. Batelife says:

    Hey brother, thank you for creating and maintaining the site. I hope your sabbatical is going well and you are encountering lots of beautiful Cocks to worship. I’m looking forward to your next video.

  7. Apantyhoselovr says:

    Your PIC of you sitting as you wrote is nice, too bad you weren’t sucked there. Good luck with it all!

  8. Jim says:

    my name is Jim I to just got divorced and I find myself uncontended with life and I realized that ive been hiding my love for cock. im a newbie at 55yrs old i need a teacher. if you come through st.pete fl and you need somrone to take care of that cock contact me jvroar@gmail.com

  9. jim rohrer says:

    Damn some lessons need to be learned because last night I missed two ops to suck a dick a was not ready, the first one called me (joined a alt lifestyle date site called ALT.COM my user name is ‘jimroar’) I told him I had to shower I just got home from work and he never came back. second one wanted me to cum to him and suck his cock but my truck broke. damn next time one of you ALPHA COCKS call me I will drop everything then and now. lesson #1 I will always be ready to suck a cock 7275577244. ps my profile is on Adult friend finders also
    ‘ jimroar2 ” cum see me I will suck your cock

  10. Mike says:

    I agree..drop everything to suck cock. I would but the opportunity isn’t here . I thought for sure placing an ad would help. It’s been slow. If any alpha is in northern Utah. Near Bountiful. Let me know so I can suck and swallow you. Cummsumer61@yahoo.com

  11. Timmy says:

    Loved your videos for years now Derekered, hope you are still safe and well in your travels. If you ever come through the Austin, Texas area I would love to meet and play and worship each other’s cocks!

  12. Timmy says:

    I’ve been jerking off to your videos for couple of years now, really great stuff. Hope you are doing well and safe in your travels. If you are ever in the Austin Texas area I would love to meet and play with each other’s cocks!

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