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Middle Waddell Campground, Pre-sabatical

I decided that I should go camping a few times before I begin my trip, to make sure that I’m properly prepared.

I ended up at Middle Waddell campground. Overall very nice park 20min from Tumwater Washington.

The nice thing about this park is that there are no fees to stay here. The only 2 catches are that you must have a Discover pass ($35 / year) and you can only camp 7 days in a 365 day period. Which seems a bit ridiculous to me. I understand that they don’t want people living there for free but only 7 days in a year. 7 days every 60 or 90 seems to be more reasonable to me.

Arrived at 2pm. The place was fairly empty, which I find to be a very good thing. Once I set up my tent and promptly took some naked pics in front of my tent.

I set up my laptop and started to transfer the photos and edit them. It didn’t take very long for my laptop’s battery to die. I’m going to have to figure out a good solution for power. It turns out that my laptop battery is shit.

I do have a power that has some USB ports on it as well as a second cigarette lighter port (charging port for you younger folks) in my car so keeping my gadgets charged while the car is running is fairly straight forward and easy.

I’m thinking about getting a deep cycle battery with a more powerful inverter as well as a regular battery charger. I figure that I can charge the battery while I’m driving then when camping use the solar charger to keep it topped off while still keeping my electronic gadgets charged.

Internet connectivity is also going to be an issue as it’s unlikely that I’ll have cell service when camping. I currently use Ting as my cell phone provider. I’m on thier older pay-as-you-go plan which costs mo about $18 per month as I never use voice or text. Everything I use is via data using Google Voice and I’m wifi nearly 95% of the time and I keep my data usage under 500MB per month.

Obviously that’s not going to work if I’m on the road. So I signed up with Ting’s new data plan of unlimited voice / text and 5GB data per month for $25 / Month. If I go over 5GB then it’s only $5 per GB additional, plus I can use it as a hotspot.

I am a Comcast Xfinity customer so I also have access to their wifi hotspots but in my experience they’re largely unusable with my phone and the signal is rarely strong enough to use with my laptop in my car. Fuck Comcast but I’m stuck with another year on my contract 🙁

I got the urge to find some cock to suck so I decided to head to town. First to Wally World to see if I could find a solution for my power issues. I ended up picking up some beer, a selfie stick, and an air conditioner recharger. It’s currently 85deg and my car’s AC stopped working. It turns out that my AC is full and still not working, so I’ll have to take it in to see if I can get it fixed, or just suffer in the heat.

I went to the neighboring Starbuck’s to steal their wifi, I got on sniffies.com and adam4adam.com and checked doublelist.com. I spent about an hour in my car in the sweltering heat with no luck finding a cock to suck. I would try again later except that the campground closes the gate at dusk and I don’t want to be stuck outside.

I need to figure out a better way to find cocks. Mainly I want to show up at your place suck you off, swallow your cum and move on the the next cock. This is a lot harder to accomplish than it seems. Most of the time people want to string you along, message after message then they get cold feet and often disappear, leaving me hanging. I especially hate it when I arrive at the address only to find out it’s an apartment and they are unwilling to give their apartment number. It’s a complete waste of gas and time.

I ended up not finding any cock ☹ but I did make some progress toward my preps.

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