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Shutting Down Websites July 1st 2023

I will be shutting down https://forums.cockworshipper.com as well as the mastodon instance https://community.cockworshipper.com on July 1st 2023.

I am also considering shutting down this site as well.

I am doing this due to lack of community interest and support. I am not currently working and can no longer afford to host these sites.

There is a discussion thread at https://forums.cockworshipper.com/d/835-shutting-down-websites-july-1st-2023 if you have any comments.

Look into nostr https://nostr.how It’s free, open and uncensorable.

My nostr pubic key is


I can still be reached at derekered1 on yahoo as well

It’s been a good run but it seems that this is the end.

May you mouth be full of cock and your belly be full of cum. Cock Bless.


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