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Hello fellow cock worshipers.

There has been a fair amount of questions asking about how to help support me in my video making and running my sites, so I decided to create this page.

My videos will always be free, but if you would like to send a little love my way then I would be happy to receive it.

Here are some ways that you can support me and cockworshipper.com

1. Share this site and my videos with as many people as you can. Spread the word about cock worship and how wonderful it is.

2. Donate via Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: bc1qrlg599xdpaem39p8hslavucqarxmqztjp2jhzm

3. You can zap me bitcoin on nostr:

My pub key is: npub1de4djc4uml3glfpzue4v4zwxymvrxs5yvk7uhxprmfjmse3mmkds8vs75g

My profile on:

Snort: https://snort.social/p/npub1de4djc4uml3gl…

Coracle: https://app.coracle.social/people/npub1de4djc4um…

Iris: https://iris.to/npub1de4djc4uml3glfpzue…

Learn more about nostr at https://nostr.how

4. Cash App:

5. Join the Forums! We have over 670 members so far and a small amount of users that are active.

6. Donate BAT to me. If you are using the Brave Browser, you can donate BAT. Just click the the triangle with the blue check mark in the address bar.

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Send Money with CashApp

My Bitcoin address is bc1qrlg599xdpaem39p8hslavucqarxmqztjp2jhzm

Thank you!

Cock is life and cum is bliss. Cock bless you all!!