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Hypno Trainer 02 – Need Cock

This video can now be viewed with the LBRY app. LBRY Link (Must have the LBRY app installed to work) lbry://@Derekered#7/Hypno-Trainer-02-Need-Cock-by-Derekered-Remastered#1 https://open.lbry.com/@Derekered:7/Hypno-Trainer-02-Need-Cock-by-Derekered-Remastered:1?r=xSguoEx7qeXd8RCt6KGe1aLjHgP6xdy6 Since Pornhub has decided to remove all my videos, I’ve decided to put them on the uncensorable LBRY network. In order to view it you need...
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I am a Faggot Video

Here’s a new video all about what it’s like and what it means to be a faggot. Update: 08-09-21 Since Pornhub removed my videos I am reposting them on the take down proof LBRY network. To view it you need the LBRY app https://lbry.com AND you need to...
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Watch and Learn – Hypno

I like this video because it is short and sweet. I downloaded this video and I like to watch it on a loop while edging myself and imagining myself swallowing all those lovely cocks! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph593a495148756
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