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Welcome to Cockworshipper

Hello fellow cock worshippers.

I will be posting some great material regarding worshipping cocks here. Please come by often.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Cockworshipper

  1. Lux Phallus says:

    I listen to all your videos every day. Love the ones for gay men. You pour gas on the cock worshiping fire in me. Would love to listen to all the mantras and affirmations as a longer or endless loop. Can you post on soundcloud? Post a link if you do. Make more, many more. Praise Phallus.

    1. Derekered says:

      Done, you can find them at https://soundcloud.com/user-424746614

  2. Lux Phallus says:

    I’m hard already. Thanks for putting these voices in my head.

  3. brian shapiro says:

    am bisexual male 63 who loves cock and cum i long to be with a group of men with their beautiful hard cocks in my face i do love the taste of cum to have a cum facial with my mouth full of cum savorying its taste so when i swallow it slowly i get all the taste and the after taste lingers really delicious

    1. Joe says:

      Hi Brian, Look I am bi I think I been married for 24 years and faithful. My wife died last year so I am really lookin to try a big hard cock to see if I’m really bi or not.can you help me please NC here

  4. Steve Sucu says:

    I am a man wishing to please and worship a cock(s) but have not access….I long for an actual church where cocks abound and suckers are on our knees where we belong with a cock in my mouth.

    1. Joe says:

      Hi I love sucking cock to

  5. Cokcum says:

    Live you gay vids on being a faggot
    Would really like one saying I’m a faggot queer cocksucker I live for cock and cum

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